Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas - The Movie @KICKSTARTER

Hey friends, just dropping off a quick word of Kickstarter support for the enthusiastic & talented crate diggers over at Tropicalia in Furs. These cats are hoping to produce a cool documentary on their efforts to reveal the yet uncharted climes of Psicodelia Brasileira. For all you penny pinchers out there, just $10 bucks pledged will yield for you a custom digital mixtape of rare Brazillian fuzz selected by none other than Joel "Stones" Oliveira. Big thanks to Adam Garsh of TIF for getting in touch. Best of luck, dudes....

What is Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas- The Movie?

A documentary film that follows record store owner, producer and vinyl archaeologist Joel Stones as he explores uncharted territories of psychedelic Brazilian music. Following the success of his sold-out compilation Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas, Joel travels to Brazil in search of visionary and chaotic artists that have been overlooked by mainstream culture. Sonic rarities remind us of the great expanse of music history, with unique stories hovering behind every song. Armed with a wild afro, a box of 45s and an infectious personality, Joel pulls these secret histories through the cracks of Brazilian music. Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas- The Movie contains stories of people known and unknown, brought to life in shocking technicolor sound! ***READ MORE

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