Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bob Seger- Never Mind the Bullets (Myonga CD-R, 2010)

Well, I guess that 2010 is the year it became cool again to rock some Seger. I've definitely started seeing that Bob Seger System LP on good record shelves everywhere. At least partly responsible for this is Never Mind The Bullets; a cool bootleg CD-R of pre-Silver Bullets stuff that surfaced last year on ILXOR & copped a good number of votes on the Village Voice's 2010 Pazz & Jop Album Poll (#111). I retagged the original rip first upped at Ilxor. The bit rates are sort of all over the place, but hey- sounds good + free music, so...* Big thanks to Steve for passing this my way. "Rock 'n Roll Never Forgets..."

Download Link: Bob Seger- Never Mind the Bullets (Myonga CD-R, 2010)

1. East Side Story
2. Persecution Smith
3. Heavy Music
4. Chain Smokin'
5. Sock It To Me Santa
6. Ballad Of The Yellow Berets
7. Vagrant Winter
8. 2+2=-
9 Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
10. Tales of Lucy Blue
11. Down Home
12. Death Row
13. Lonely Man
14. Innervenous Eyes
15. noah
16. Highway Child
17. Mongrel
18. Lucifer
19. Leanin on My Dream
20. Lookin' Back
21. Love the One You're With
22. Rosalie
23. Back In '72
24. I've Been Workin'
25. Get Out Of Denver
26. Cross of Gold
27. U.M.C. (Upper Middle Class)

*If do you happen to have a more uniform, less trancodey rip of this, please hit a dude up!


Holly said...

Too cool! At first I thought I had everything on this - but I didn't - now I do :-)

Hopefully folks who only know his horrid 'Like a Rock' stuff will take the plunge and dl this.

JT said...

I thought Seger had been "cool" for a while now, but maybe it is a regional thing. There has been an on-again/off-again Seger cover band in the Bay Area called Total B.S., featuring members from hip bands like Comets on Fire and such. They only play early tracks like is on this LP. Real good stuff if you ever get a chance to see them, very fun.

Don Teat said...

This early stuff is great! Thanks and I do recommend that sound system album. but I'm also wondering if you'd come across this early 80's (I think) tape comp: Michigan Nuggets. no relation to the box setters, here tis.

reservatory said...

THANKS. Following Rationals, Parliaments, early MC5, Unrelated Segments and Motown singles collections, these are the missing pieces of the sixties Detroit puzzle. I grew up listening to CKLW, so many of these are old friends. "NSU, SRC, Stevie Winwood's got nothing on me!" Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

wondering if you could include the missing songs. thanks!

Joe Talbot mayne said...

aw common man. early seger has been cool. although my younger brother (famously) once asked a teacher in front of his entire class if he was of any relation to pete seger...ehhh, not that cool. but more to the point, folks have BEEN knocking "ramblin gamblin man." bobby s., or el bobarino if you're not hip to the whole brevity thing, is the sheeet.

nicholab said...

hey, maybe you're right. if bob seger has been cool and i'm behind the curve on this, then so be it. i'm not staking my rep or something on a seger revival by any stretch. just saying- i keep seeing him around more and more and more. and then there was this.

nicholab said...

just upped a new .zip with what should be better tagged files.

Joe Talbot mayne said...

Ok, I hereby retract my last statement being that further research has unveiled Seger's a NRA obsessed right winger. And if all his cool points weren't lost on that shocker, turns out most of his early music actually DID suck, with the exception of "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" and "Lucifer." That being said, thank you for this mix though. But on a serious note, this really is a great blog. The Peace, Monochrome Set, The Witch, Abner Jay..all incredible stuff that I've been introduced to here. Our ears all reap the benefits of your endless digging. Much obliged, my friend.

Disco:Very said...

Dear god, I'm actually listening to Bob Seger, and most surprising of all, I'm really fucking digging it. Shame on you, Ghostcapital, for making me go down this road.

Record Fiend said...

This is a great fuckin' concept, and your choice of material is impeccable. Well done and bravo from a big Bob Seger System fan.


brown beard said...

nothing horrid about "like a rock" either! but maybe that song's revival is 10 years out or so. I heard the Tweeters play a mid-period Seger set in Bozeman Montana at the VFW, round 2003. achin good times.

Brasil said...

Ashes and Fire is full of beautiful, subtle, deep songs. Ryan's voice is incredible, vulnerable and lovelier than ever. It has the spark of genius found on Heartbreaker, but with a new wisdom that allows some room for the good things in life. Unlike Heartbreaker, it does lack some of the fun.