Monday, January 17, 2011

Letha Melchior Rodman Cancer Fund

This just arrived in my inbox. Give it a good look, would you?

Letha Melchior Rodman Cancer Fund

As you probably know, the life of a musician playing independent music is not a lucrative one. So when one hits a snag in life that taps the resources and makes working an outside job impossible, times get really hard. This is where Dan and Letha Melchior find themselves right now. You know Dan as one of the best underground rock & roll songwriters around. He's released records on labels such as In the Red, Hangman, S.S., Siltbreeze, Daggerman and others, and played with his bands the Broke Review and Das Menace, as well as Billy Childish and Holly Golightly. Letha is a member of Das Menace and contributes to a lot of Dan's record jacket art/design, not to mention Dan's partner.

A few months ago Letha was diagnosed with cancer and since then she's been in a pretty hard fight, requiring some operations and much treatment. She's been unable to work. Dan's role as her caretaker has taken him out of the work force. Letha has basic medical insurance but that really doesn't mean a whole lot in the USA. Debt is piling up. And the state that they live in, North Carolina, doesn't offer much in the way of aid. Dan and Letha need our help.

Independent of Dan and Letha, we are asking people to help them out. The Melchior name has given us a whole lot of great music; now it is time to give a little back. We know times are hard for a lot of people, so we are asking that you give what you can afford. Please know that the money donated to Dan and Letha goes directly to them via their paypal account. Please pass this message around

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Scott Soriano (S.S. Records)
Tom Lax (Siltbreeze Records)
Rich Kroneiss (Terminal Boredom)
Brian Turner (WFMU)
Mario Solis (Plastic Idol Records)
Ryan Wells (Z Gun Magazine)
Eric Holmgren (Daggerman Records)
Mitch Cardwell (Budget Rock)
Jerry Connolly (SmartGuy Records)
Billy Childish (Hangman's Daughter)
Steve Lowenthal (Swingset Magazine)
Erin Sullivan (A Frames/AFCGT)
Min Yee (A Frames/AFCGT)
Harry Howes (Almost Ready Records)
Brent Tipton (Dull Knife Records)
Benjamin Holesapple (Columbus Discount Records)
Adam Smith (Columbus Discount Records)
Sean Wright (Columbus Discount Records)
Shawn Reed (Night People)
Jeff Green (Sweet Rot Records)
Otis Hart (Dusted Magazine)
Allan Henry (Topplers Records)
Tim Foster (Trouble Makers/Losin' Streaks)

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Brandude said...

Thanks for posting that. I've been a fan for years and had no idea about this. Its a terrible situation, but I'll utilize the opportunity to give a little back...