Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anworth Kirk- S/T (Pre-Cert, 2010)

"First release on this new archival label loosely associated with Demdike Stare and the Finders Keepers crew* Pre-Cert Home Entertainment is a new imprint releasing limited vinyl artifacts of contemporary musical and non-musical material dredged from the collections of a number of hugely respected culture vultures in the north of England. Their obsessive tendencies are channeled into this debut release, a 22 minute collage of acousmatic oddities reclaimed from the ditches of VHS video culture, the dustiest corners of the record racks and places most folk won't allow themselves or their children to go. It's a tribute to the immersive and escapist effect of obscure and exotic film soundtracks and banks of library records, European fumetti and obscure sources which feed into their fabric and enhance their psychedelic potential. We can hear precedents for this aesthetic in the cutups of Position Normal and People Like Us or the surreal melodrama of V/Vm's Twin Peaks tribute 'There Was A Fish In the Percolator', but this particular side is more concerned with the noirish ambient hues, moods and textures which reflect the industrial landscape of its local history. The semi-fictitious protagonist Anworth Kirk melds influence from Letterist poetry to tape loops, found-sound and European folklore in a wonderfully uncertain and unpredictable manner, creating an esoteric narrative between the 12 segued tracks presented in two chapters. The vinyl plays at 45rpm - a nod to late period Indian horror soundtracks - and the artwork depicts a cryptic theme set to unravel and complicate in further episodes, including the forthcoming Samhain Slant Azimuth seasonal sound-collage mix. Limited to 500 copies - highly recommended." (Boomkat)

A spooky, far-out sound-collage gathered from the kind of weird, murky detritus you might hear tucked subliminally into a Boards of Canada or Ghostbox production. (Or, Demdike Stare...) This shit is ill. Vinyl rip. LP- only release. 2 tracks- untitled. 320 kbps.

Download Link: Anworth Kirk- S/T (Pre-Cert, 2010)

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øשlqæda said...

funny, you literally beat me to the punch by mere minutes. good thang i did a quick search. an interesting recording from some kool kosmonauts!

nicholab said...

ha! definitely not the first time and i'd wager not the last. though i'd reckon you're usually the winner in that game. (but who's counting?)

øשlqæda said...


highly recommended mofos!

happy new yer

Ozymandias said...


Anonymous said...

it ripped on wrong speed, this record is 45 and not 33⅓!

Anonymous said...

Can you please repost the record? Thank you and your blogspot is excellent.