Sunday, December 5, 2010

(V/A)- Square Wave: Electronic Music 1953-1980

A pretty sweet bootleg cassette comp that I picked up at Mississippi Records last Friday. Appears to be recently compiled, though I'm unsure who's made it. Its a great playlist, regardless. A concise & listenable survey of early electronic squelches, loops and bleeps in the vein of the that excellent OHM box from a few years back. Anyway, I'm pretty down with the whole mixtape revival thing going on these days.

Download Link: (V/A)- Square Wave: Electronic Music 1953-1980 320kbps

Side A

1. J.D. Robb- Rhythmania (1976)
2. Jon Appleton- Chef d'Ouvre (1967)
3. Claudio Rocchi- Tarantella (1976)
4. Erkki Kurenniemi- Inventio/Outventio (1970)
5. Tod Dockstader- #6 (1961)
6. Milton babbitt- Ensembles for Synthesizer (1964)
7. Henry Jacobs- Sonata for Loudspeaker/ Vocal Loops (1953-54)
8. Bell Telephone Laboratories- Computer Speech (1963)
9. Louis and Bebe Barron- Battle with Invisible Monster (1956)
10. Devo- Ugot me Bugged (1975)
11. Bruce Haack- Rubberbands (1968)
12. Raymond Scott- Tic Toc (1964)

Side B

1. Raymond Scott- The Wild Piece (1969)
2. Storm Bugs- Slip Slap (1980)
3. Walter Jepson- Bugs At Large (1967)
4. Morton Subotnick- Silver Apples of the Moon (1967)
5. Cluster- Rote Riki (1974)
6. John Eaton- Soliloquy for Synket (1967)
7. Lejaren Hiller- Nightmare Music (1961)
8. Steve Reich- It's Gonna Rain (1965)


Will Knot B. Revealed Snr. said...

This looks good. Thank you. :)

Rod Stasick said...

Would've been a nice collection, but unfortunately it's way too fast! Maybe the tape machine that the original recordist used was defective.
Image your favorite 33's at 45rpm! - (especially the Babbitt!) Maybe there's some fun in that!