Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Echoes of Zion- The Sound of Spirituals (Smash, MGS 27006)

"The Echoes of Zion Gospel Singers have been called "The South's Favorite Sons." This new album of gospel songs, "The Sound of Spirituals," should certainly prove they deserve such recognition. Their inspiring presentation of these selections is like a guiding light in the darkness for those who feel the terrible uncertainty of the times. There is an expression of dedication and great devotion from their fine renditions of these favorite gospel songs that is easily felt by all who listen. You will surely feel your own beliefs strengthened after hearing the great faith expressed in these songs. (Back cover)

An inspired and inspiring 1961 set from the amazing Echoes of Zion Gospel Singers of Atlanta, GA. Knowing from where and when these songs have come, one can't help but recognize their very real context amidst the struggle for Black American Civil Rights: sit-ins, Freedom Rides, church bombings and the forthcoming March on Washington with Dr. King. This is powerful music. Mono pressing.

Download Link: The Echoes of Zion- The Sound of Spirituals (Smash, MGS 27006) 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

1. When Jesus Comes
2. Who Art Thou
3. Tell God
4. Sun Will Never Go Down
5. Lost In Sin
6. Walk Right In
7. Wilderness
8. Jesus
9. So Good

*Also of note: Here are a couple of great vintage gospel LP collections that have been released very very recently...

V/A Noah Found Grace: "Amazing stuff, never before anthologized! This compilation collects Jamaican gospel music from the '60s + '70s. We guarantee you've never heard anything like this." Now available via membership in Mike McGonigal's new Social Music Record Club. Hint to Portlanders- you may be able to find this record (in EXTREMELY LIMITED numbers) and others from the club floating around Mississippi Records circa now. As I've personally promised Mike I wouldn't post from this LP (he sent me the WAV's himself, and besides- digital copies of SMRC releases are available with membership on their day of release), that might be the only way you're going to get this record short of ponying up $99 for membership- which is worth it anyway. Check it:

One of Mississippi Records' latest LPs is In The Storm So Long (MSR 066) [now available], a rocking collection of raw, electrified numbers from Savannah, GA's prolific Pitch/ Gusman Records, and licensed from the good folks over at Fat Possum/ Big Legal Mess. I have opted not to post a vinyl rip of this one, as all of the tracks appear to be available on FP's 3xCD Pitch/Gusman label retrospective:

The Pitch/Gusman Records Story (Fat Possum, 2010)



Holly said...

Just what I needed to hear tonight -thank you

nicholab said...

my pleasure, holly. also, happy to know that someone's feeling these echoes of zion as much as i am!

øשlqæda said...

this is my chit, yo!