Sunday, December 26, 2010

V/A- All Tore Up: Unrequited Love, Tormented Romance, Tragedy & Tearjerkers.... 1955-1968 (Crypt, TU-567)

"A great "concept" album containing a fine slew of emotional (ranging to psychological breakdown!) 50s R&B ballads and mid-60s southern soul love songs, perfect for miserable nights alone missing your loved one…(Crypt Records)

A killer set of of soulful heartbreak ballads and gutbucket r&b stompers from those cats at Crypt Records. All Tore Up was released back in 2000, and now is fairly tough to come by. This is good stuff!

Download Link: V/A- All Tore Up: Unrequited Love, Tormented Romance, Tragedy & Tearjerkers....1955-1968 

1 Donoman & The Lakettes - Here Comes the Fool
2 Little Tommy Brown - Don't Leave Me
3 Cliff Jackson & Jellean Delk - Frank, This Is It
4 Don Hollinger - I Had a Nightmare
5 The Five Royales - I'm on the Right Road Now
6 Billy Miranda - Go Ahead
7 Frankie Brunson - Ward 13
8 Johnny Sayles - You Did Me Wrong
9 Texas Ray - What's Come Over You
10 Billy Gayles - Dreaming of You
11 Rubin Russell - Let it Ring
12 Willie Walker - Warm To Cool To Cold
13 The Shadows - There Stands the Glass
14 The Blonde Bomber - I Am to Blame
15 The Leftovers - Lonely, Lonely Nights
16 Billy Gayles - No Coming Back
17 Nappy Brown - The Right Time
18 Johhny Mae Matthews - That's When it Hurts
19 Tarheel Slim & Little Ann - 2 Time Loser
20 The Starfires - 3 Roses
21 Fontella Bass - Poor Little Fool
22 Comil & Sylvia - Daddy Don't Go
23 Lee Moses - Bad Girl (Part 1)
24 Lee Moses - Bad Girl (Part 2)
25 Carol Jones - Don't Destroy Me


Holly said...

This is a GREAT comp and I've been looking for clean copies of several songs on it for years. Thank you!


Flash Strap said...

This is even better than it sounds like it would be. The guitar on "No Coming Back" is so nasty and right... as is the threat of violence on "2 Time Loser." I have been loving this. Thanks, fellow.

nicholab said...

A pleasure to serve....@FS- "nasty and right" is such a great way to put it!

Goofy said...

I had to take out my hankie when I listened to this. Those were tears of joy and laughter. Amazing album!

WOO DOPS said...

Golly gosh!! This looks great...thanks!
Could I trouble you by asking you to add me to your blog list....I'm researching black vocal Groups (doo wop) at the moment I will be adding other stuff besides in the future..many thanks for your music!

nicholab said...

@ woo dops- i'd actually added you a few days ago. my "blog friends" displaylimited to 25, ordered by most recent posting. so, fear not- you are there. looking forward to more posts!

WOO DOPS said...

Hi Nicholab,
I didn't have to ask :) Love this blogging world. See you soon....

Regret Will Kill You said...

This is a pretty amazing album. Willie Walker's "Warm To Cool To Cold" is about the only sing that brings this grown man close to tears :-) Great, great, great....

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to re-load this compilation? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I second the latest comment. Thank you so much!!

nicholab said...