Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hali Gali Halid- VO-ZDRA (Listen Loud!, 1990)

"HG Halid (Goran Bare) was the singer for the Croatian garage punk band Majke. He also knows his Turkish music. So when a wave of trendy commecialized faux-Turkish folk music swept up Yugoslavia in the early 90s, Hali decided to make a record mocking the trendies, using Turkish melodies backed by a hapdashed punk band. His pal Zdenko pressed up 500 copies of this four song 7" on his Listen Loudest label, which released a wealth of music documenting the Croatian punk scene prior to the Civil War." (Static Party)

Cassette version of this peculiar Croatian punk classic. Strangely enough, a handful of copies of the 7" version of this rare EP have ended up in the hands of Scott Soriano of SS Records.

Hajde Da Se Drogiramo (Let's Do Drugs)

Download Link: Hali Gali Halid- VO-ZDRA (Listen Loudest! 1990)

A1 Samo Nočas Da Zaboravim Tugu
A2 Samo Za Tebe
A3 Hajde Da Se Drogiramo
B1 Moje Srce Zna
B2 Mirela
B3 Ne Pitaj Me


Holly said...

Cool :-)

Anonymous said...

Legendo pozz is Srbije!