Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Judy & Barbara: The Blind Slye Twins- It's Me Again Lord

*Another Thrift Store favorite. This one definitely came from a store called Gift & Thrift when it was still in downtown Harrisonburg, VA.

From Lari Goss:

Barbara and Judy Slye, are a singing legend duo from Virginia. Hailing from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, the Blind Slye twins moved often, also living in Riverdale, Maryland, and Purcellville Virginia. Their father, a minister, had his church in Purcellville. They often toured on the road , singing at churches, camp meetings, and other social events where their father preached. They recorded a few LPs in the 1960s and 1970s,- often accompanied by the Goss Brothers, including "Its Me Again Lord" and "No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus". They have been blind since birth and our lovingly referred to as "Beep and Bop". They currently reside not far from Harrisonburg, VA and continue to perform at family affairs. Their nephew, Billy Brett*, plays in the popular Harrisonburg duo, "Buck Gooter".

"For several years, my brothers and I furnished background music and vocals for quite a number of groups. It 's hard to remember everyone, but one group I will never forget is the Sly Sisters. Their harmonies were incredible and their personalities were of such that you felt as if you had known them all your life. My brothers and all agreed that they were one of those groups you will never forget. I was thrilled to hear, after all these years that they are still singing. I wish them the best and may God continue to bless them with more beautiful harmonies."

"God is Everywhere"

Download Link: The Blind Slye Twins- It's Me Again Lord

1. It's Me Again Lord 2:55
2. The Price He Paid 4:23
3. How Can I Forget The Day 3:07
4. God Is Everywhere 3:00
5. The Shepherd and I 2:56
6. When I Pray 3:15
7. The Wrong Side of Me 2:44
8. Brother Have You Heard About Jesus 2:31
9. I Found the Way 2:38
10. I Wouldn't Trade 2:22
11. How Long Has It Been? 2:44

*I actually sort-of know Billy Brett from my days working at The Little Grill. I just found out today-looking for album info- that these ladies are his aunts.


owlqaeda said...

this post is a testament to the importance of premiere cultural insurgents like ghostcapital & the preservation of olde vinyl. from the picture, it's difficult to ascertain whether they have matching chin pimples or dimples & though they might be twins, if it was a matter of life and death, eyed reluctantly take the one on the left, even though her hair is not as um... yea.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this one actually brings back memories. I saw them perform at my church in the mid 80s, when I was <10 years old. I remember saying, as a smart-ass youngster, "people only like them because they're blind," then quickly learning two of the children in the room with me were related. I felt so horrible.

It's great to know in retrospect that I was very wrong about their talent.

Brat Brains said...

Owlqaeda - don't be dick. If you spent your whole life blind and being dressed by your (strange) parents it wouldn't feel good to know people were making fun of you on the fuckin internet.

Thanks for posting this record NICHOLAB. I worked w/ you? Who you?

Meade Skelton Haufe said...

I love their harmonies and their music. I am honored to have sung with them at a wedding once. They are really nice. I have their LP "No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus". They sound just as good today as they did when they were in their 20s.

terry turtle said...

they are wonderful human beings and even though I have my demons it's a joy to listen to them

OBHS_DNA said...

I have downloaded a lot of very interesting albums from your blog, and this LP sounds great. I appreciate your hard work.
-Dan in windy W Mich

Nee Slye said...

I'm probably related to the twins, since all of my dad's (last name Slye) relatives were from the Shenandoah Valley. Wish I knew for sure. Wish I knew them.

Anonymous said...

I've absolutely loved listened to this over the last few months. Thanks so much for sharing it - it's a real piece of treasure!