Monday, June 14, 2010

Ready When You Are, JB: The Very Best of John Barry's Early Soundtracks *Redux

Here's an excellent custom-expanded John Barry collection from soundtrack wizard, Nate Ashley.

A note from Nate:

"The skinny on Ready When You Are J.B.-

This album has been out of print for a while. The original being 12 tracks, which I revamped to 25. Any James Bond themes are instrumental versions from the original soundtracks, making it a purely instrumental record. There are some real classics on here that I searched hard for. The original album was released in 1970, with John Barry rerecording his 'best' soundtrack songs with a more stripped-down ensemble, which, in my opinion, are superior to some of the original orchestral versions. My dad had this on vinyl when I was a kid and passed it on to me, a true classic. Enjoy.

P.S.- I used [read: Nate made] new art for it, of course. :)"

*Thanks so much, Mr. Nate!
The Persuaders- John Barry

Mediafire Download Link: Ready When You Are, JB: The Very Best of John Barry's Early Soundtracks *Redux


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Anonymous said...

007 theme (From Russia with Love)

Lolita, My Love (John Barry musical)

Mary Queen of Scots

Theme from Zulu

Theme from The Dove

Theme from The Last Valley

from Walkabout

(All the above arranged and performed by Terry Walstrom)

Jamie Garner said...

i'm a fan of j.b.'s stringbeat period, as well as his spy stuff. i see a few tunes here i haven't been able to find- THANKS!

David said...

What a great compilation! Thanks for posting this. Beautiful music.

Anonymous said...

any chance of a fresh link?

Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-upload?