Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RickRab- Music for Babies

My friend Nick- also known RickRab- made this fly mix for our mutual friends' sweet baby girl. Its totally good: My son Amos and I were just playing legos to it on the living room floor.

Music for Babies (mix) by Rick RAb

dedicated to all babies all over the world
especially to a few special babies: this is for you!
-encourage kinesthetic experience / body movement
-develop pan-global perspective, respect for other cultures and languages
-foster positive emotions, an inquisitive nature and a sense of wonderment

download the MP3 at


Vibracathedral Orchestra - A Mirrored Pyramid (for JS)
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Insomnia
Eddie Henderson - Scoprio / Libra
Cluster - Caramba
President - Morrocan Business
Blue Daisy - The Fall
Jean Michel Jarre - Zoolook (first song)
Lonnie Liston Smith - Visions of a New World (part 1)
Lonnie Liston Smith - Visions of a New World (part 2)
Will Rogers - Adventures In Success (Dub Copy)
German Language CD
Bernt Berger + Don Cherry
Wally Badarou - High Life
Trouble Funk - Trouble Funk Express
Los Van Van - Que Palo Es Ese
Art Ensemble of Chicago - Thema de Yoyo
Khaira Arby - Lili Yore

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