Friday, April 16, 2010

Cleoma Falcon & Family

My buddy Greg made a great Cleoma Falcon compilation a few months back, after he realized there really wasn't one out there already. Nice work, buddy. And thanks. You've done us all a great service.

Mediafire Download Link: Cleoma Falcon & Family

1. Ma Meillure Valse
2. La Valse de Crowley
3. C'est un Peche De Dire Une Mentrie
4. Lulu Revnue Dans L' Village
5. Mon Bon Vieux Mari
6. La Valse de Marais Bouleur
7. Prends Donc Courage
8. Jai Passe Devant ta Porte
9. Ils Ont Vole Mon Traineau
10. C'est Si Triste
11. Mes Yeux Bleus
12. Leve Tes Fenetres Haut
13. Mon Couer T'Appelle
14. Le Vieux Soulard et sa Femme
15. Quand Je Suit Partis Pour le Texas (with Joe Falcon & Ophy Breaux)
16. Poche-Town (with Joe Falcon & Ophy Breaux)
17. Vas y Carrement (with Amedee & Ophy Breaux)
18. Ma Blonde est Partie (with Amedee & Ophy Breaux)
19. Les Tracas du Hobo (with Amedee & Ophy Breaux)
20. Aimer et Redre (Joe Falcon)
21. Egan One-Step (Beaux Freres)
22. T'as Vole Mon Chapeau (Beaux Freres)
23. Home Sweet Home (Beaux Freres)
24. Le One-Step a Martin (Beaux Freres)
25. La Valse du Bayou Plaquemine (Beaux Freres)
26. Tiger Rag Blues (Beaux Freres)


Anonymous said...

some overlap to be sure, but if u can't get enough, here's all 66 songs cleoma ever shellac'd in m4a format
ewan maccoll

Anonymous said...

thanx for this great historical in contact w one of cleoma's ancestors..i didnt know all this cajun history..thank u so much