Thursday, April 1, 2010

Django Reinhardt- In Solitaire: Complete Recordings for Solo Guitar

Django's genius shines in this complete collection of his unaccompanied work for guitar.

Mediafire Download Link: Django Reinhardt- In Solitaire

1. Improvisation No.1
2. Perfum
3. Improvisation No. 2 [Master]
4. Improvisation No. 2 [Alternate Take]
5. Echoes of Spain
6. Naguine
7. Improvisation No.3, Pt. 1
8. Improvisation No.3, Pt. 2
9. Improvisation No.6 Listen
10. Improvisation No. 7 (Aka No. 2)
11. Improvisation 47 (Improvisation No.5)
12. Improvisation No.4
13. Belleville
14. Nuages
15. Two Improvised Guitar Choruses [*]


Jack said...

Thanks very much for this wonderful album!

HMPZ said...

Looks fantastic - thank you !

neil said...

May I add my thanks, too...

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!! Glad to find this still uip!

Anonymous said...

love this album....
it goes well will this awesome gypsy guitar method I downloaded.....
any Django wanna be's got to check this out