Friday, April 2, 2010

AFX- Analord

Recently, Rephlex has released high-quality digital versions of the complete AFX Analord Series. This is exciting, as I have worn the rest of the Richard D. James catalog right into the ground, and was unable to secure any vinyl copies of this 11-record set at the time(s) they were released. Since I don't see any new Aphex on the horizon (or maybe ever), a proper digital release of this stuff is at least adequate consolation.


captain caveman said...

If you're like me and have the ALL the vinyls already it is pretty unfair that the additional tracks which are released via the MP3 bundles cannot be bought separately.

For those who do not own any of the Analord series already, I recommend the best of Analord to be the starting point. It's title is 'Chosen Lords'

nicholab said...

hey, you're right. you've already bought them. you should just google "analord" & "megaupload". its there.

captain caveman said...

It took me a bit longer to find them! I'm a bit of AFX Analord Gaylord though. I would have liked to have had them on vinyl to keep the others in my collection warm!

Great blog btw.