Friday, April 16, 2010

J.A. Caesar- Den'en Ni Shisu, Junreika & Jasumon

Here are three 70's cult film scores from Japanese theatrical composer, J.A. Caesar (also sometimes spelled Seazer). The films, which I'll venture to describe as Japanese gothic arthouse horror, were directed by Caesar's longtime Tenjō Sajiki creative partner Shuji Terayama. Pretty wild stuff. (DL links at bottom)

Den'en Ni Shisu (Death in the Country)- 1974


Junreika 1973

Jasumon 1972

"Song of the Madwoman"

Mediafire Download Links: Den'en ni Shisu, Junreika, Jasumon


Anonymous said...

i gave u one fish but u got your own pole & caught more i see. stellar web fu grasshopper, way to assert yrself. does this mean our ewan macoll deal is bust? just in case you're thinkin uv balin out, here's one that i posted recently on the aforementioned oblique music forum that i thought u'd be innearestyd in seein as u posted one uv me fav mulatu joints already. he's featured on this very rare elpee from 77
hailu megia & the wallas lp

Kiwi-Dodo said...

Very Nice Post!

Do you maybe have Itsutsu No Akai Fusen - Flight 1 & 2 (1970-1971), #47 from Cope's Japrock Sampler? I already got the other 49 albums which I could share with you, if you're interested ofcourse. Greets from Kiwi-Dodo

Anonymous said...

Hello, I found this blog completely accidentally. I must admit, since 2 years I'm completely fascinated by the amazing music of J. A. Seazer. I wonder, if it was there any chance to upload this three albums, or at least "Denen ni shisu", or "Jashuumon" in lossless (flac, ape)? I would just love such upload. Thank You, anyway... And in case You preferred to contact me, my e-mail: qliffot at

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kosmikino said...

Amongst the counter-cultural blogging sonic elite here with posts already from owlqaeda and kiwi-dodo ;)

The MF link to the JA Caesar bundle of sonic Otherness in the form of three of his soundtrack albums is dead, you know whats coming next...

Curious that an MF link is down, it seems so hit and miss these days what stays and what goes, what stays, what....