Sunday, October 30, 2011

(V/A) -- Unholy Hymns: Written in Blood Vol. 6 (Left-Handed Label, 2011)

As Samhain rapidly approaches, the one & only Nate Ashley has just dropped off a surprise 6th volume in his essential Written In Blood soundtrack series. Dig:

"In keeping with the rest of the Written In Blood series, Unholy Hymns offers more classic, out-of-print, or unreleased horror soundtrack music. Taken from DVD or VHS sources when unattainable elsewhere; I tried to get the best quality available to provide an enjoyable listening exprience for the music connoisseur. Charles Berstein and Stelvio Cipriani were stand out composers for me on this volume, while Luchi De Jesus's track "Diggin' For Parts" proved to be nearly impossible to find, but worth every funky second. Hope you have a horribly fun time with these sinfully good songs." ~ Nate

DL: (V/A) -- Unholy Hymns: Written in Blood Vol. 6 (Left-Handed Label, 2011) *Reupped 7/20/12

V/A- Written in Blood *320 upgrades added all week @ Nate Ashley’s new blog

1. The Fog (Main theme/Reprise) / John Carpenter
2. Incubi Ricorrenti 1 (Opening Titles) / Stelvio Cipriani & Goblin
3. Inside Out / Michelini, Luciano
4. Night Stalker / Gil Melle
5. Cambi di Umore (Valentina) / Ferrio, Gianni
6. The Secret Of Dorian Gray / Peppino De Luca
7. Vento Dautunno / Bruno Nicolai
8. Non Puo' Essere Vero / Ennio Morricone
9. Seq. 7 / Gianfranco Coletta & Mauro Lusini (as Trans Europa Express)
10. Werewolves On Wheels (edit) / Don Gere
11. Underwater Mood / Stelvio Cipriani
12. Fixed Idea / Pulsar Music Ltd.
13. Zombie Parade / Nico Fidenco
14. Matthias the Victor (edit) / Ron Grainer
15. Seq. 17 / Gianfranco Coletta & Mauro Lusini (as Trans Europa Express)
16. Indagando / Luis Bacalov
17. Diggin' For Parts / Luchi De Jesus
18. The Other Face (9) / Roma Violenta
19. From Another World / Nico Fidenco
20. Malcontento Popolare / Alessandro Alessandroni
21. Blue Song (#3) / Guido E Maurizio De Angelis
22. End Credits / Charles Bernstein
23. It's Still Alive / Michelini, Luciano
24. Silent Hill / Stanton Shows
25. Opening / Jeff Grace
26. Voci Dal Nulla / Fabio Frizzi
27. Pursuited - Jennifer's Recall / Bruno Nicolai


Holly said...

Oh, yes! All hail Nate! NOW I'm ready for Halloween.

gilhodges said...

Well this is a lovely surprise. Vols 1-5 are so great. Thanks Ghost and Nate!

øשlqæda said...

dam, thrills + chills in spades. the last 5 remain in heavy rotation, cuz 'everyday is halloween' -- minsitry. this'll no doubt make a fine addition to the shuff. have a hauntowlogical halloween bros

KiDG said...

Awesome! This is a brilliant surprise!

Crotchbat said...


meltedrubbersoul said...

The trick or treaters have already fled in terror. The candy is mine.

Anonymous said...

one word... mediafire... i downloaded the first 5 volumes of this excellent series in half the time it took me to download vol.6... otherwise, fantastico!

gungrave said...

Can you upload this compilation again. Thanks.

gungrave said...
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Carol said...

I just found this series you put together and am totally amazed by it! Thank you so much for all the work that went into these incredible comps! If you get a chance to reup this 6th one that would be so great - but the other 5 are making me incredibly happy right now - so it's no biggie.

Thanks so much for these!!

mukahnlor said...

yeah Im dying for a reupload of this great compilation, thanks any way for sharing this fantastic music !!!.

Jesús Ángel said...

Upload please... Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

any chance for re-ups on all the other written in blood comps? :)

Carol said...

I just remembered to come back and check for a reup.