Friday, July 23, 2010

Nina Simone- Live At Ronnie Scott's (1984)

Folks, I worship at the church of Nina Simone. Live At Ronnie Scott's is a solid late-period duo performance with some amazing moments. Its available on DVD, but the CD is hard to come by. I managed to track down an unedited flac of the show right here. The cd booklet indicates the concert is from November 17th, 1984. Amazon says its from 1985. I'm wonder if that's the original premiere date of the footage & will look into it further. Also, the cd booklet shows Mississippi Goddamn & Moon Over Alabama as distinct tracks that don't reflect the recording I heard while chopping and tagging the tracks. Regardless of my measley nerd-problems, I sure hope you enjoy it!

Nina Simone- Piano & Vocals
Paul Robinson- Drums

"If You Knew" is the song that turned me on to this performance. I love it.

Oh,and... here's a full-length stream of the entire performance:

Mediafire Download Link: Nina Simone- Live At Ronnie Scott's (320)

1. God, God, God
2. If You Knew
3. Mr. Smith
4. Fodder In Her Wings
5. Be My Husband
6. I Loves You, Porgy
7. The Other Woman
8. Mississippi Goddam/ Moon Over Alabama
9. For A While
10. See Line Woman
11. I Sing Just To Know I'm Alive
12. My Baby Just Cares For Me


Feq'wah said...

Nina Simone in excellent shape. Thanks!

maraseque said...

Thanks for your nice blog!
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