Tuesday, July 27, 2010

V/A: Oytsres - Treasures. Klezmer Music 1908-1996 (Wergo, 1999)

In this period of rediscovery, revitalization and reinterpretation of music of the Jewish people of pre-Holocaust Europe, occasional infusions from the source help keep the music centered. In this latest klezmer anthology, producers Joel Rubin and Rita Ottens have included six rare examples of pre-World War I recordings from Europe. These include a couple of pieces from the Euro-Yiddish theater that have some melodic relationship (but not in presentation) to klezmer. Additionally there are two fascinating pieces by the State Ensemble for Jewish Folk Music of the Ukraine recorded in 1937 and 1939, along with one example of an obscure offshoot of the klezmer tradition, that of the Chassidic community in Israel. It will be very instructive to all fans of klezmer to compare the playing styles of these with that of musicians who recorded in America between the world wars. The greats of the first generation emigres to the United States are also here: Naftule Brandwine (fabulous, as usual), Dave Tarras (an example of his influential trio), Abe Schwartz, etc. This is another must-have for fans and students of old style klezmer music.
- Stacy Phillips

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V/A- Oytsres - Treasures. Klezmer Music 1908-1996 (Wergo, 1999)

01. Orchestra of the Lemberg Yiddish Theater - Overture to Die Drei Matunes
02. H. Steiner - Potpourri of Jewish Melodies
03. Jewish Wedding Orchestra - Gereist und getroffen
04. Belf’s Romanian Orchestra - Na Rasv’et’e
05. Belf’s Romanian Orchestra - Cry Jews
06. Jacob Gegna - Taxim
07. Naftule Brandwein’s Orchestra - Doina and Nachspiel
08. Shloimke Beckerman - Hot Azoi
09. Cherniavsky’s Yiddishe Jazz Band - Der Dibuk
10. Naftule Brandwein’s Orchestra - Odessa Bulgar Dance
11. Naftule Brandwein’s Orchestra - Honga Ciganesta
12. Alex Olshanetsky’s Orchestra - Yiddishe Hora & Sarba Maracinei
13. Abe Schwartz Orchestra - Gelebt und Gelacht. Frehlichs
14. Dave Tarras - Duvid, Shpiel Dus Noch Amul
15. State Ensemble for Jewish Folk Music of the Ukrainian SSR - Bazetsn di Kale
16. State Ensemble for Jewish Folk Music of the Ukrainian SSR - Sher, Evreiskii Narodnii Tanets
17. Dave Tarras Jewish Instrumental Trio - Kiever Sher
18. Hymie Jacobson’s Orchestra - Yiddish Bulgar
19. Avrom Segal - T’khies Ha-Meysim
20. Joel Rubin Jewish Music Ensemble - Gershfeld’s Bulgarish


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this is a dam fine polycarb coaster. supersweet to seaya branchin out in this capacity brother ghost :) flavour is everywhere

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Thank you so much for this music. You don't know how badly I'be been searching for this sound. Keep it up! PLEASE!

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I wolds be so grateful for a re-up - no klezmer anywhere else it seems and this looks awesome.

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