Thursday, July 1, 2010

V/A- Travelling With My Portable Electric Phonograph, Vol. 1 (Monk, 2010)

This LP collection documents some great mid 20th century popular combos from some of the newly independent nations of Africa (side 1), and India (side 2). Many of these artists seems to have made their living as entertainers in the more upscale western hotels and social clubs of their respective locales. Look here for more info, or to purchase the vinyl.

Mediafire Download Link: V/A- Travelling With My Portable Electric Phonograph, Vol. 1 (Monk)

1. Umtandaso (Zulu guitar jive) / Casper Shiki & His Guitar
2. Sarah (vocal group + guitar, Zulu jive) / Latin Stars
3. Umama Uleth’u Shugela (vocal group + guitar, Zulu jive) / Latin Stars
4. Kapasure (vocal with guitar and accordion, sung in Chichewa, South-Central Africa) / Nyasaland Club Singers
5. Ungu Wam’ (female vocal trio + piano, Zulu jive) / Casper Kasino Kids
6. Thula Thula (female vocal trio + piano, Zulu jive) / Casper Kasino Kids
7. Ma ndi phupha wena – (blues vocal + piano, clarinet, Johannesburg, 1953 / Dorothy Masuka With Her Trio
8. Bololo o Kolilo (Recorded in Kimongo, Republic of Congo c. 1940s) / Groupo de Totoko Francois
9. Hamba na lo isoko la yo (Zulu vocal with drums and sticks c. 1950) / Mametigudi & His dancer
10. My Melancholy Baby (Calcutta, c. 1940) / The Rangoon Gymkhana Club Orchestra
11. Hoe Down (Calcutta, 1942) / Teddy Weatherford & His Band
12. Chattanooga Choo Choo (Calcutta, 1942) / Taj Mahal Hotel Dance Orchestra
13. Constantly (Calcutta, 1943) / Rueben Solomon & His Jive Boys
14. Doggin’ Around (Calcutta, 1945) / Maurice Arnold & His jJive Boys
15. Instrumental film music (Calcutta, 1960s) / Batuk Nandy (Electric Guitar)
16. Oh, Juita Ku (Malaya, 1949) / A. Rahman & Columbia Orchestra
17. Shehnai instrumental (India, c. 1949) / Bismillah Khan & Party


owlqaeda said...

our hero. thanks very much

Anonymous said...

Kick me senseless and call me Woody, I was so looking for this. And here it is. Many thanks indeed. Now, who wants some pancakes?


Michael said...

Wow! I like these recordings from India but I LOVE these obscurities from South Africa. Thank you. I can't help but notice the "Volume 1". Are there any further volumes and what countries do they cover?
Thanks again - Mick from Australia

Ben said...

this is totally invaluable...

øשlqāɛdâ said...

this is still the best record of the year, hands down

oaxaca said...

Great record! Listening to it as we speak and the quality of the music is staggering considering its age and recording equipment of the time. This provides a window into the culture of these two exotic places in the forties and fifties. And not to mention the music is fantastic too! Looking forward to vol. 2 a lot!

Oaxaca -