Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quintron- Satan Is Dead (Bulb, 1998)

from the Bulb Records write-up of Satan is Dead:

From New Orleans comes Mr. Quintron, performing a zany program of songs that seem to have been influenced by 60s television and B-movies, good old rockerbilly, a lifetime of churchgoing and a love of the organ in general. Quintron is essentially a one man band, whose unique sound is perhaps best described by a look at the equipment list, which includes a Gulbranson transistor model E electric organ, a Wurlitzer Sprite Funmaker, Allen device, drum machine, Drum Buddy, mouthmachine, guitar and trumpet.

One of Quintron's ambitions with this album is to launch a "new dance craze": The Stomp. The song that will accomplish this is appropriately entitled "Do The Stomp," and sports a nice, slow, clapping rhythm track that even those completely without control of their motor functions will be able to follow on the dance floor. The beat is backed by funky organ harmonics, with brief segments of wild vocal outbursts from Mr. Quintron himself, and what sounds like a choir of drunken karaoke singers.

*I love Quintron. He's playing Portland on July 14th and I can't go!

Quintron & Ms. Pussycat's Drum Buddy infomercial:

My friends Brian & Travis once "made" this sweet video for "Road Hog":

Mediafire Download Link: Quintron- Satan Is Dead

1 Bass Solo 0:27
2 Do The Stomp (Turtles) 4:35
3 Road Hog 3:57
4 The Bridge 3:31
5 Guitar Solo 1:26
6 Organ Solo 2:09
7 A Hymn (Bud Rip's-Recording By Quintron) 2:16
8 9th Wd. Breakdown 4:26
9 Nonstop Danger 4:22
10 Drum Solo (Drum Buddy Demo.) 3:26

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