Monday, July 26, 2010

Michel Polnareff- Holidays / La Mouche (1972)

To be honest, I think Michel Polnareff is kind of the weak sauce, outside of this cut.

Mediafire Download Link: Michel Polnareff- Holidays / La Mouche (1972)


litlgrey said...

I disagree with that assertion, but this is a phenomenally strong single from Polnareff, and thank you !!

Jerry Orbach said...

What about the lipstick soundtrack? That's pretty screwy at moments.

nicholab said...

haven't heard it all by him, including lipstick. will check it. i'm always up for having my mind changed.

Anonymous said...

Just forget that crap :
Polnareff did an awesome single in 1966 (his third one).the title track "Time will tell" is a killer full-of-fuzz classic french sixties stomper !
listen to it here :