Saturday, August 6, 2011

V.A - God Give Me Light 1927-1931: Sanctified Vol. 2 (Herwin 203 *1972)

Outstanding 78rpm gospel collection from Herwin Records, featuring knockout performances from a handful of both black and white sanctified singers of the day. As the liner notes say: "Unfortunately, very little is known about the artists in this album." I do know that I recommend it, highly. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Enjoy.

(V.A) God Give Me Light 1927-1931: Sanctified Vol. 2 (Herwin 203 *1972)

A1 Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers – Thou Carest Lord For Me
A2 Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers – When I Get Inside The Gate
A3 Elder Richard Bryant's Sanctified Singers – Lord, Lord He Sure Is Good To Me
A4 Elder Richard Bryant's Sanctified Singers – Come Over Here
A5 Ernest Phipps And His Holiness Quartet – If The Light Has Gone Out In Your Soul
A6 Ernest Phipps And His Holiness Quartet – Bright Tomorrow
A7 Louisville Sanctified Singers – God Give Me Light
A8 Louisville Sanctified Singers – So Glad I'm Here
B1 Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers – Sinner, I'd Make A Change
B2 Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers – Jesus Throwed Up A Highway For Me
B3 Elder Richard Bryant's Sanctified Singers – How Much I Owe For Love Divine
B4 Elder Richard Bryant's Sanctified Singers – Watch Ye, Therefore, You Know Not The Day
B5 Elder Curry – Memphis Flu
B6 Leader Cleveland – Babylon Is Falling Down
B7 Leader Cleveland – Way Beyond The Blue
B8 Ernest Phipps And His Holiness Quartet* – Jesus Is Getting Us Ready For That Great Day


gilhodges said...

So glad to have this beauty. Deeply appreciated.

Holly said...

Nick, perhaps the most admirable of your many admirable qualities is that you take the time to painstakingly rip, upload & post music that *you* love with no apparent regard to whether or not it's hyped, cool, known, unknown, canonical or collectable.

This lp is wonderful. As always, my sincere thanks!


øשlqæda said...

one of the most glorious gospel joints in the history of the universe

nicholab said...

you friends are warming my heart. just doing my best to share some love for a "brighter tomorrow". peace & thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this!

KiDG said...

Heh the logo for Herwin looks like "Heroin"...

Cassy said...

Such a beautiful old song.
Thanks for sharing.

Cassy from Teach Yourself To Play Guitar

tim abdellah said...

Many thanks for this post! I also thought the label read "Heroin"!

Duncanmusic said...

an absolutely choice find. I am thankful for the link to your site. Will subscribe so as not to miss anything you do. Thanks so much.

IndyJones1967 said...

Stunning, simply stunning, and leaves me wishing there was a way to hear the whole thing!

nicholab said...

@indy--its all there friend, just clink on the hotlink just below the sample, download, unzip & and voila!
we aim to please, here. its always a pleasure.

David said...

Thanks for this. I love any pre-war gospel. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

"So Glad I'm Here"! Wonderful record and many thanks.

Anonymous said...

this would need a repost...
so as many other albums
i lost all music on a 250gb hardrive
both you and holywarbles.


thanks for all the great music shared.

inspires121 said...

Much praise to you on your re-ups and many thanks from me for catch ups. FYI, link for this is same as for Bessie Jones, .

nicholab said...

FIXED!!! thanks for the heads up :)

Anonymous said...

goshdarned awesome.
thank you X 1000.