Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Toraia Orchestra of Algiers- Music of the Arab People Vol. 2 (Esoteric, 1952 *ES-2003)

Volume Two in Esoteric's Music of the Arab People series once again highlights the talents of Toraia Orchestra of Algiers. These songs were recorded in 1952 by Jerry Newman, and were released by Esoteric Records of NYC the next year. I'm having little luck pinning down even a partial Esoteric discography. Thus, I really have no idea how many volumes they managed to release in this (or any other) series. Would surely love to find out. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Enjoy.

Download Link: The Toraia Orchestra of Algiers- Music of the Arab People Vol. 2 (Esoteric, 1952 *ES-2003)

1. Ahdetli Warda (vocals Anissa Zouina)
2. Outaaref Men Elihabek (vocals Anissa Toraia)
3. Bir Ish Tamal Haavash (sung in Turkish, vocals and kamoun solo by Paul Turqin)
4. Dalamouni Habibi (vocals Anissa Toraia)


Y Brawd said...

Cheers. Nice post.

tim abdellah said...

Thanks for this post too. Neither of these volumes sound very North African - the group really sticks to Middle Eastern repertoire. But a rare interesting artifact nonetheless.

By the way, the tags for side 1 and side 2 of this disc appear to be reversed.

nicholab said...

thanks for the heads up - tim , i'll try to fix that soon as i can. must've been sleepier than i realized, last night. paz

bolingo69 said...

And another one! So many great finds!
Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your fine efforts and attention to detail. A fantastic post on an equally impressive blog. x

Anonymous said...

Looks great - link is dead?

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing but the link is dead :(((

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