Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Up-Tight- The Night Is Yours (Sloow Tapes, 2011)

"Wow. Heavy, reverb-drenched, fuzz-stained, pot-smoke-infested acid-trip slice of “Tokyo psychedelica”...Up-Tight have been responsible for a buncha the most memorable releases to come out of the post-PSF underground but this has to be their recorded pinnacle, the perfect balance of two chord Velvet downers and strung-out post-Rallizes string violence. One of our records of the year so far!...highly recommended!“ (Michale Lavorgna, Twittering Machines)

Released this past June, The Night Is Yours was pressed in a run of just 300 and has already sold out. After reading some hype, I scrounged up a solid DL from another spot called Wine Women & Song. Totally feeling Up-Tight's strain of heavy-dirge psych reverb. This is of those rare new albums that I'm actually inclined to let play from beginning to end. Turns out that the balance in that rip was a bit off, though: One channel was barely coming through. So, I went ahead and busted out a mono version that won't hurt your feelings if you're listening with headphones. Now we just need to Sloow Tapes to rock a crucial repress. I'd buy it.

Up-Tight : The Night Is yours (Sloow Tapes, 2011)

Side A: Blow Away --She's So Heavy--After My Dream
Side B: So Alone--The Night Is Yours


Anonymous said...

An incredibly fine LP. Not surprised it's OOP already but damn, that was quick.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have 2 requests:

Wallahi Le Zein!!
pressed at boddie


* * e d o * * said...

excellent thanks!
I posted a great Uptight album w/Kawabata Makoto from Acid Mothers you might also want:


Nega said...

hi man how are you doing? i'm a big follower of this amazing band and i recently got in my hand the limited edition of the early years, but i had a really hard time founding another albums of this psycho-gods. can you pleas upload their last album and another ones you had of the in any hosting site? please, this band need much more recognition

Anonymous said...

Please reupload.