Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Andres Landero- 16 Canciones (@ Purayaca)

If you've been digging on some classic cumbia lately, it'd be wise to get started with legendary Colombian accordionist Andres Landero, aka "King of the Cumbia". There's surprisingly little Landero bio material on the www, especially not en Ingles, but there is a fairly interesting thesis on him by Bardo Martinez, called Andres Landero and Resistance to the Commercializaton of Colombian Music posted at Listen Recovery*. For my money, I'd wager that Manu Chao has spent his solo career taking vocal cues directly from this guy.

*Also lifted that image above from Listen Recovery. Figured it'd make better artwork than what comes with the original cd.

Download:  Andres Landero : 16 Canciones ----(originally @ Purayaca)'

01 - Perdí las Abarcas
02 - Compae Pacho
03 - Noche de Estrellas
04 - Con el Pie Pelao
05 - Recuerdos Viejos
06 - Santa Lucía
07 - Así se Goza
08 - Una sonrisa pa' mamá (Sixto Gutiérrez)
09 - Cumbia del Amor (Guillermo Manrique)
10 - Las Miradas de Magalli
11 - Nohemí (José Anillo)
12 - Pobres Campesinos (Praxísteles Rodríguez)
13 - Rosa y Mayo
14 - La Mexicanita
15 - Cumbia Campesina
16 - Sentimiento Campesino (Adalberto Chamorro)

(bonus track) 17 - Las Miradas de Magaly


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