Friday, September 17, 2010

Suni McGrath- Childgrove (Adelphi, 1972)

The 3rd LP from American 12-string guitarist, Suni McGrath. A recent and highly appreciated gift from our friend Owl. Right-off, I've been taken-in by McGrath's stellar rendition of "The Star of the County Down". His picking resonates with a sort of heart-sick, contemplative elegance that I'm just a sucker for. Its been on constant CONSTANT repeat. And though I've barely gotten past that first track, its already plain to see that this one'll be a gift that keeps on giving. Highly recommended.

Download Link: Suni McGrath- Childgrove (Adelphi, 1972) *Re-upped 7/20/12

A1. The Star Of County Down / Childgrove
A2. Love Abides
A3. Zoe
A4. Lo, I'll Be with You Always [Gary Davis]
A5. The Harvest
A6. [Jesus Said] I Am The Resurrection

B1. The Lion Of Judah

with Jack Denlinger
Ellen Matthews


captain caveman said...

Thanks for this. I really enjoyed his other albums you posted here.

Great work on the blog, keep up the good work.

neal cassady said...

been waitin for this one to be upped for a while now - much thanks dude!

Le Porc Rouge said...

Big thanks for this!
I love Cornflower Suite. Really looking forward to this.

L said...

Gorgeous guitar work. You don't see Sandy Bull mentioned often. I can see why it made such an impression on you. Thanks for sharing.

Max said...

Been looking for this one, thanks! And thanks for a lot of other great posts as well.

Francisco said...

the link is down...! :(
can you please post it again??

i found suni mcgrath through your blog, loved it!! thank you so much!

i hope you can put this album up again, i can't find it anywhere.. and it's so good..!!

bye, and congratulations, keep up the good job!! :)

GADZ said...

Would you pretty please provide a re-up of this album? also, whatever happened to owl?

roberth said...


roberth said...

thank you so much. these early suni records are great. i just cornflower on a beat up cassette. remember those?
who was owl, not alan wilson?