Monday, September 27, 2010

The Great Unwashed- Collection (Flying Nun)

In the wake of the 1982 breakup of the legendary Clean, brothers David and Hamish Kilgour continued writing songs together; adopting the tongue-in-cheek name Great Unwashed, they released the 1983 LP Clean Out of Our Minds, a collection of primitive home recordings with a slightly experimental bent. The record was well received by steadfast Clean fans, and with bassist Peter Gutteridge in tow, the Kilgour brothers played a handful of live dates. A five-track double single subsequently appeared, and in mid-1984 the Great Unwashed swelled to a quartet with the addition of Ross Humphries; however, by the end of the year, the group disbanded. (

So, I'd posted Clean Out Of Their Minds a few months back, but this one has it all. A newly aquired 250-ish VBR rip. Can't wait to see The Clean next week at Holocene, on their very short US tour. Already bought the ticket. You can prolly expect at least one other Flying Nun record to go up here in the next week, 'cause somebody's excited!

Mediafire Download Link: The Great Unwashed- Collection (Flying Nun)

1. Hello Is Ray There ?
2. Meanwhile
3. Small Girl
4. Thru The Trees
5. Yesterday Was
6. Toadstool Blues
7. What U Should Be Now
8. It's A Day
9. Hold Onto The Rail
10. What You're Thinkin Now
11. Obscurity Blues
12. Quickstep
13. What Happened Ray?
14. Duane Eddy
15. Neck Of The Woods
16. Can't Find Water
17. Born In The Wrong Time
18. Boat With No Ocean


BH said...

The download link doesn't seem to be working.

BH said... worked. Thanks.

Sebastia said...

Was lucky enough to see the Great Unwashed play in Christchurch back in 1984. Dave Merrit who was selling tickets on the door that night bought his famous black lab along who slept on stage throughout the entire gig!

Sebastia said...

Was lucky enough to see The Great Unwashed play back in 1984 in Christchurch. Dave Merrit who was selling the tickets on the door that night, bought along his famous black lab dog who slept right through the entire gig on stage!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Any chance of a re-up?