Friday, September 3, 2010

V/A- Angola 60's: 1956-1970

"Buda Musique's [Angola] series...captures the sounds of different ethnic regions within Angola, their effects on each other, and the way that the Portuguese and Cuban influences were absorbed into urban Angolan culture. Some songs focus on close polyphonic harmonies, tapping rhythms and ringy, simple guitar melodies; others have cascades of creaky percussion and huge choruses; still others anchor on the accordion. It starts to get really interesting around track nine, when the frenzy slows, turning to fabulous intimate, small-scale recordings that you can't tell if are Latin or African in origin. By the end of the disk, they've brought in the electric guitars, jumping up, incorporating more Western chord progressions and swinging funk rock, especially on the classic, screaming 'Muzangola' by Vum Vum. Can't wait for the rest!" (Other Music)

Good stuff. 320kbps. If anyone's got a line on a better scan, hit me up!

Mediafire Download Link: V/A- Angola 60's: 1956-1970

1 Ngola Ritmos - Muxima
2 Ngola Ritmos - Django Ué
3 San Salvador - Enzol’eyaya
4 Kaboko Meu - Na rua de São Paulo
5 União Mundo - Amanhã vamos à procura da chave
6 Mestre Geraldo Morgado - Mini saia
7 Minguito - Sant’Ana
8 Ngola Ritmos - Nzage
9 Duo Ouro Negro - Kurikutela
10 Sara Chaves - Kurikuté
11 Elias Dia Kimuezo - Ressurrreição
12 Lilly Tchumba - Paxi Ngongo
13 Gingas - Lamento
14 Luís Visconde - Chofer de Praça
15 Quinteto Angolano - Kupassiala Kua Aba
16 Dimba Dya Ngola - Fixe
17 Os Kiezos - Rumba 70
18 Vum Vum - Muzangola
19 José Viola - Oholwa
20 Ruy Mingas - Monangambé
21 Teta Lando - Mumpiozzo Ame

Download Angola 70's: 1972-1973 & Angola 70's: 1974-1978 from Musica de Angola. *The rip of Angola '60s is better here. Not so, with the other two.

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