Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Beena Sangeet Orchestra- Gems of Yankarran (Trinidad, 1970?)


This album features selections by an outstanding Trinidad and Tobago artist HARM YANKARRAN. It is in fact a tribute to a late Father whose premature demise on 13th Feb 1969 shocked the cultural world. For indeed, the late ISAAC YANKARRAN was the unparalled melody genius of Indian Classical singing in these parts. His styling was distinct and unique, earning hm an infectious popularity.

ISAAC YANKARRAN is no more but he has left behind a progeny whose similarity in physique, voice and styling confuse even the closest friends and admirers. SHARM, who was born on March 4th 1951 at Brikfield Road, Carapichaima, Trinidad was inspired by his great father at a very tender age. And it is clear that the late ISAAC saw in his young son the sort of basic talent that could be moulded into greatness. At the age of 10, SHARM was already a member of his father's orchestra, singing, playing the mandolin, harmonium and accordian under the watchful eye and guidance of his father...

...Formed ten years ago ath Rickson Street, El Dorado Village, Tunapuna Trinidad W.I., by the Soogrim Brothers, Motilal and Suresh, THE BEENA SANGEET ORCHSTRA is now one of the top orchestras in the country. Notwithstanding many difficulties, the orchestra kept together as a group and has contributed significantly to the development of Indian Culture in Trinidad and Tobago." (from the back cover)

Mediafire Download Link: The Beena Sangeet Orchestra- Gems of Yankarran (Trinidad) 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

1. Preet Ka Wada- Religious 2:54
2. Manwa Ram. Bhajan Jagsar- Religious 2:47
3. Sham Ko Sandesh- Religious 2:45
4. Narayan Jin Kay-Paree. Bhajan- Religious 3:32
5. Japo Maana Too-Bhajan- Religious 4:07
6. Prabhu Ki Dharsham-Dewali- Bhajan 3:28
7. Sana Naysab Banaya- Rel. Quaseeda 2:32
8. Langar Moree Gagaar- Thumree 5:52
9. Horee Ko Khalay- Horee 4:07
10. Saki Sun Baajat Bansuree 3:38
11. Ess Tarha Mujko Jala Kay 4:00
12. Tazeem Say Laytha Hai- Religious 4:02


Holly said...

Hello - almost passed this by, but your sample cut is amazing! However, mediafire is giving me grief. Is it just me? :-)

nicholab said...

not sure, holly. will look into it when i get home tonight.

nicholab said...

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yes - yay!

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing find. I am combing the web for more. So far I found two Yankarran LPs for sale in the Netherlands. I would be most interested in seeing a complete discography if anyone knows where one is to be found...

Delirium said...

please reup the link!