Tuesday, September 21, 2010

V/A- The Eyo Beats: 60 Africa 70 (Domino Sound 31 *Cassette)

Yet another finely compiled cassette of crackly African gold brought to you by the good folks at Domino Sound.

Mediafire Download Link: V/A- The Eyo Beats: 60 Africa 70 (Domino Sound 31 *Cassette)


Wanajiita Sisi Wahuni- Jim Lasco (Nairobi)
Janja Yako- NUTA Jazz Band (Tanzania)
Bqna Conga Baleli Liwa ya Sinatra- Jean Bokelo (Zaire)
Eyo Beats- Tunde Nightingale (Nigeria)
Kosowa Loda- Victor Oleiya (Nigeria)
Ikoro Special- Dan Satch- (Nigeria)
Seeri Koko- Orchestra Baobab (Senegal)
Pakora Ibo- Andre Pierre & L’Ivoiro Star (Ivory Coast)
Jolly Papa- Cardinal Rex Lawson (Nigeria)
Hamadi- Eli Wamala (Uganda)
Batumanbe- Orchestra Regional de Segou (Mali)


???????- Steven Amechi- (Nigeria)
Ewa- Dr. Victor Olaiya (Nigeria)
Western Shilo- David Kabaka & George Agade (Nairobi)
Adelina- Mamadou (Congo)
Fiuga Mama Muni- Mujos w/ Orch. OK Jazz (Zaire)
Ladji- Kante Manfila & Sorry Bamba (Ivory Coast)
Oyo Mobali Tape- Orchestre OK Jazz (Zaire)
Namuliranga- Charles & Frida Sonko (Uganda)
Osalobua Rekpama- Sir Victor Uwaifo (Nigeria)
Igede- Celestine Ukwu & His Philosophers National (Nigeria)
My Lovely Elizabeth- S.E. Rogie (Sierra Leone)
Na Ye Na Lisano- RIKKY (Congo)
Nora- National Jazz band (Tanzania)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff! Any fan of the Soundways or Analog Africa comps will love this. Thank you Ghost Capital and Domino Sound!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, this is so good!! one of the best things I got in a long time. Thanks everyone for making this possible :D

Btw great blog!

L said...

Thanks so much for posting/sharing. Looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

thanks, this is bombastic

Anonymous said...

Please please re up w/ the next batch! I had this comp and a few others from domino, but now live abroad and cannot pick these up. so good!

blackberryoctopus said...

The track list for the B-side has a first track listed as "???????- Steven Amechi- (Nigeria)"

I did a little digging around and found that the track title is "Onye Na Eli Nkwu"

Here is where I found the information about the track:


9. Onye Na Eli Nkwu - Steven Amechi And His Rhythm Skies