Monday, September 27, 2010

The Magick Heads- Before We Go Under (Flying Nun, 1995)

In celebration of their imminent Portland tour-date (@ Holocene, 10/5), here's another side-project from some founding member(s) of The Clean- This time, its Robert Scott. The Magick Heads sound like folk-rock out of the Paisley Underground, with female-led vox from Jane Sinnott. The title track was apparently written and released in 1993 as an indie pop single on Teenbeat for Barbara Manning. Must admit, I'm a bit fonder of the MH vibe than that of the actual songs. (Perhaps unrelated, but I feel the same way about L.A.'s Rain Parade. )*Anyhow, I'm fairly sure this rip has a higher bit-rate than the one previously available at Kiwi Tapes.

"Dunedin, New Zealand folk-pop group the Magick Heads was led by singer Jane Sinnott and guitarist Robert Scott, the latter the onetime bassist for the seminal Clean as well as the frontman for his own longstanding unit the Bats. 3D's guitarist David Mitchell played drums in the original Magick Heads lineup, which formed in 1991; other players floated in and out of the group's ranks, with Sinnott and Scott joined by drummer Jim Strang for their 1994 Flying Nun debut Before We Go Under." (Allmusic)

Mediafire Download Link: The Magick Heads- Before We Go Under

1 Standing at the Edge 3:00
2 Sweet Angel 3:08
3 42 Degrees 2:54
4 Two Different Things 2:09
5 Seventh Sense 2:16
6 Hear From You 2:42
7 Before We Go Under 2:54
8 New Floor 2:46
9 Twilight 2:19
10 Light of the Night 2:33
11 Gotta Go Home 2:19
12 The Beast of Bodmin Moor 3:13
13 Good Books 1:45


Holly said...

Nick -

I'm a huge Flying Nun head, but somehow I ignored this back in the day - probably because by this point xpressway & trinder, etc were the 'cool ' nz labels ;-). Anyway, now I think I'm enjoying this more than you are! Thank you.

And thanks for sharing the Great Unwashed, a wonderful comp.

L said...

Oh, this is such a treat. I'm a big fan of Scott and The Bats, but I've never heard these tunes. Thanks SO much.