Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ishman Bracey- Suitcase Full of Blues (Monk, 2010)

"One of the best, if lesser-known Delta bluesmen of the 1920s, singer and guitarist Ishman Bracey (1901-1970), along with his good friend Tommy Johnson, began playing juke joints first in Jackson, and then all over Mississippi around 1917, but did not make his first recordings until 1928. He recorded his first sessions for the Victor label with Charlie McCoy on second guitar, but by 1930 his recording career was over -- likely due to the onset of the Great Depression which made the recording industry dry up for the next decade. Bracey eventually left the blues scene for the church, and his blues output is therefore rather slim. He recorded a total of just 16 tracks in all and original 78s fetch high sums."

Mediafire Download Link: Ishman Bracey- Suitcase Full of Blues (Monk, 2010) *320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Purchase from Forced Exposure

1. Stranger Blues ( w/ Rosie Mae Moore) 3:35
2. Saturday Blues (w/ Charlie McCoy) 3:34
3. Left Alone Blues (w/ Charlie McCoy) 3:35
4. Leavin' Town Blues *Unissued (w/ Charli... 3:32
5. Leavin' Town Blues (w/ Charlie McCoy) 3:33
6. Brown Mama Blues *Unissued (w/ Charli... 3:39
7. Brown Mama Blues (w/ Charlie McCoy) 3:11
8. Trouble Hearted Blues *Unissued 3:38
9. Trouble Hearted Blues 3:28
10. The Four Day Blues *Unissued 3:25
11. The Four Day Blues 3:20
12. Jake Liquor Blues (w/ New Orleans Nehi Boys) 3:31
13. Family Stirving (w/ New Orleans Nehi Boys) 3:15
14. Mobile Stomp (w/ New Orleans Nehi Boys) 3:13
15. Farish St. Rag (w/ New Orleans Nehi Boys) 2:58
16. Woman Woman Blues 3:31
17. Suitcase Full of Blues 3:06
18. Bust Up Blues 2:55
19. Pay Me No Mind 3:15


øשlqaeda said...

supersweet ghost! i tink eriq clapton or some other darsh covered one of this doods tunes, i ferget which one since we don't listen to that twaddle but maybe twas 'woman woman'? previously we've only had the document collection, so perhaps this one has improved sound. these monk cats seem to be doing brisque bidness. seems like a new reissue come sout every month :) also, tommy johnson is here brudda:

nicholab said...

was reading and reading about him, bur had no luck running down a rip of the document disc, so i can't compare. shelled out for this behemoth. i can say that these monk records are just great to hold- heavy wax, man. thanks for the johnson link! and... "Clapton is God" ;)

ryan said...

right down my alley. thanks for this.

joshdrilling said...

cant believe you found this! encantado