Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ranil y Su Conjunto- Ranil's Jungle Party (MassTropicas, 2010)

"Deeply funky psychedelic-surf guitar jams from Ranil y Su Conjunto Tropical (Ranil and his Tropical Band). Ranil’s Jungle Party (re-released for the first time by folks at Masstropicas and limited to 1,000 copies) brings back from the past the much loved popular music of Peruvian cumbia.

For the uninitiated, Peruvian (or Amazonian) cumbia was to Peru as Tropicália was to Brazil—a 1960s – 1970s popular music style that mixed (often irreverently) traditional music with those of African and the West. Hailing from the Belen district of Iquitos, nestled within the heart of the Amazonian rainforest, Ranil and Co. were definitely digging on some Western Surf music while keeping alive the traditional highland “huayño” dance music.

On Ranil’s Jungle Party, Ranil and his Tropical Band keep things in a mellow, funky mood with some heavy psych-surf guitar workouts. The result is a style mash-up not unlike that of African “Juju” or “High-Life” music, popularized by the incendiary Stratocaster guitar playing of King Sunny Adé. In fact, think of Ranil’s Jungle Party as King Sunny Adé jamming with some Andes dudes while on vacation in Peru. Dig?" (Light in the Attic)

Killer 1000 press vinyl-only issue from the MassTropicas label of this wickedly groovy classic Cumbia Peruana. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: Removed by request from MassTropicas.

Purchase the limited edition LP from Dusty Groove.

# 1. Andalucia
# 2. Marlenita
# 3. Lamento en la Amazonía
# 4. Denuncia a tu patrón
# 5. La danza de don Lucho
# 6. Cumbia sin nombre
# 7. Chinito rulo
# 8. Mambo en España
# 9. Tus cabellos
# 10. El manicero
# 11. Carbonero
# 12. El rondador


øשlqæda said...

muchas gracias mang!

Anonymous said...

this is crazy man!
stuff just rules!!!


gilhodges said...

Found this on Light in the Attic's page for this LP:

"Masstropicas worked with Ranil on this vinyl LP re-release (his records were originally produced and released by himself on his own label) and we look forward to more in the future."

(ecstatic emphasis added!)

Holly said...

Oh, you rock, thank you SOOOOOO much !!!!!

I've been looking for this & it's amazing ;-)

cumbia cumbia cumbia ...

øשlqæda said...

dam that was quick. sorry if i had a hand in that. i wonder why these label cats don't realize that sharing in this way sells more records. that's my theory at least

nicholab said...

no dude, thanks for the hype. Check PB and use your email if ya want.

Roberto Garcia "Musicuba" said...

Me interesa El manisero por Ramil.
Si alguien lo ha podido bajar y lo tiene , si me hiciera el favor y enviarmelo a :
Gracias : Roberto