Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lucho Bermúdez- Colombia Tierra Querida

Cumbias, Porros, Gaitas, Boleros! Lucho Bermúdez was a heavyweight Colombian clarinetist and bandleader. His legendary Orquesta worked in hotels, clubs, festivals, radio- basically everywhere- playing nearly any folk or popular dance style one might've found in mid-20th century Colombia.

Guest post courtesy of my pal, Emma C:

"If you ever jammed out hard to Cumbia en Do Menor, you'll probably dig this stuff too. There's some quality ululation and wailing clarinet. This came from a friend of mine from the Colombian Chocó and I'll likely be asking him for some pacific marimba stuff soon."

Mediafire Download Link: ayyyy que sabrosura!

*Looks like the mighty Global Groove posted some other vintage Lucho Bermúdez back in May. Get on it!

***AND, there's apparently much, much more over at Melodias de Colombia- An ace new blog I've only just discovered.


øשlqæda said...

yes that's definitely the star track for us too

nicholab said...

yeah man, dynamite!

Jo/No said...

Oh! What a killer track up for pre-listen?! Downloading the whole thing right now and can hardly wait...

Meanwhile I posted another really nice Colombian vintage find myself recently over here:


Holly said...

Joy, joy .. ;-)

L said...

I agree. That is a killer sample track. Knocked my socks off. Can't wait to hear it all. Thanks.