Friday, September 3, 2010

Spiridon Shishingin- Khomus: Soul of Yakutia (Wergo)

"The area around Baikal Lake is the original home of the mouth drum called the “khomus”. The “khomus” is, on the one hand, a tool of eroticism and seduction, which has magic powers of attraction and, on the other hand, when played by shamans the mouth drum is credited with spiritual and healing effects."

Mediafire Download Link: Spiridon Shishingin- Khomus: Soul of Yakutia (Wergo, 2001)

01. Tundra
02. Song From The Whole Heart
03. Song Of A Youth
04. Lena Walz
05. White Horse
06. Ochucai — Round Dance
07. Dance Of The Female Shaman
08. Farewell
09. Souvenier
10. Spring Melodies
11. Childhood Memories
12. Ysach
13. Mirror Of The Pond
14. Memories Of Berlin

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