Thursday, September 2, 2010

Özel- Dance Into Your Sultan's Heart (El-Ay, 197?)

Turkish bellydancer and movie-star Özel Türkbaş recorded this record in NYC in the '70s with a modern middle-eastern ensemble that features Moog organ and electric guitar. Its the third installment in a album series geared toward teaching American women "that much misunderstood art we call belly-dancing". 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Download Link: Özel- Dance Into Your Sultan's Heart (El-Ay, 197?)

A1 Özel's Belly Dance Routine 17:06
A2 Ali Baba 2:45
B1 The Dance in the Garden 1:55
B2 A Wedding Song 2:41
B3 Organ Improvisation 2:58
B4 Halime Is a Coquette 2:55
B5 Azeri Dance Number 3:20
B6 Popular Circle Dance 3:10
B7 Violin/Kanun/Bouzoukia Solo 6:48


litlgrey said...

Oooh, I gotta share this on Facebook.

nicholab said...

awesome, thanks!

Holly said...

Love that whip.... and all the cats on this blog!

Whizzdumb said...

Yes, yes, yesssshh. That is it! Been looking for good bellydance music for a while and I just found it! Thanx :-)

Osmanlı ansiklopedisi said...

Thanks for blog :)