Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Great Unwashed- Clean Out of Our Minds (Flying Nun, 1983)

Clean Out of Our Minds is a lo-fi experimental side-project from Hamish & David Kilgour of The Clean. Released on Flying Nun in 1983.

Mediafire Download Link: The Great Unwashed- Clean Out of Our Minds (1983)

1 Hello Is Ray There?
2 Meanwhile
3 Small Girl
4 Thru' The Trees
5 Yesterday Was
6 Toadstool Blues
7 What You Should Be Now
8 It's A Day
9 Hold On To The Rail
10 What You're Thinking Now
11 Obscurity Blues
12 Quickstep
13 What Happened Ray?


Anonymous said...

Hi, fantastic blog...

I could not get the Great Unwashed .zip to dl sucessfully... Can you re-do?

nicholab said...

refreshed just now. good luck...

Charlotte said...

any chance you could repost this link?

thanks so much - rad post!

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. please do reup.. just discovered this and I think it's great, brings back memories from the good old days