Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Javad Ma'roufi- Golden Dreams and Other Romantic Melodies جواد معروفی طلایی رویاهای کلاسیک ایران پیانو

I have no idea which thrift store I was mining when I scored this gem of record; but it was somewhere in Virginia. Well, I've had it now for probably 10 years and it has definitely become one of my personal favorites. For the record, romantic piano is not normally my thing, but this one appeals to the Satie fan in me. Ma'roufi's compositions are heady, meditative and and exotic (to my ears) without feeling the slightest bit new age.

The Tracklist:
1. Prelude no. 1
2. Prelude no. 2
3. Prelude no. 3
4. Prelude no. 4
5. Prelude no. 5
6. Golden Dreams
7. Kou Kou
8. Jila
9. Fantasie on an Armenian Theme Pt. 1
10. Fantasie on an Armenian Theme Pt. 2
11. Fantasie on an Armenian Theme Pt. 3
12. Fantasie in La Minor

Mediafire Download Link- Javad Ma'roufi- Golden Dreams and Other Romantic Melodies


øשlqæda said...

awesome sounds this one but cmon mang a scanner is like $5, no?

nicholab said...

done. used a camera.

captain caveman said...

this is immense.

is there any more stuff by this guy?

nicholab said...

there's plenty, i think. pretty sure he's sort of an iranian national hero. just scored a live performance somehwre random. i'd just do some googling of his name & mediafire, etc. will post more here eventually- but this one's special to me, as its from my personal lp collection. i just love this album so so much.

Miguel said...

thanks, this is a real nice one! :)

The Uber Sonic Sonar Radar said...

and the moral of this story is don't judge a record by its cover cos this one looks proper cheesy. merci very much

Unknown said...

this is an amazing record.. one i can listen to over and over.. the nuance in his playing is remarkable... thank you so much..

Unknown said...

upload again maybe? :(