Friday, May 28, 2010

The F*****n' Flyin' A-Heads: Swiss Cheese Back/ Watching T.V. (1980)

The Fucking Flying A-Heads were a band from Hawaii most commonly construed as "punk", tho they might provide one of the more exciting links between a more typified conception of "punk", and that of "noise". If the A side of this hybrid genre is the final aggregate regimented elements of deconstructed hard core that Harry Pussy by way of Magic Band displayed, the flip is the excess of Experience inspired freedom and recklessly abandons anything that even vaguely resemble "form". Perhaps the most radically mixed recording, ever (to the extent that you might wonder if they just fucked up, or were working with a broken machine). A completely astounding spin ..(De Stijl)

Their first review is a riot :

from Damage Magazine, DEC 1980

White noise this pure must take lots of to work to perfect. Somewhere far away there is a 60s endless guitar solo, bass playing 2 notes, a cymbal being hit at a constant 2 / 4 beat, and a distorted voice talking. But mostly there is white noise, simultaneously complex and simple. It's quite disturbing when cranked up. I like to play this record and watch TV. It instantly gives a surreal sense to the most mundane images. Not recommended for anyone with high blood pressure. ~ M.C. Parker

*Basically, this sounds like something that should've been originally released on Siltbreeze. Scott was playing this at Exiled yesterday when I walked in, and I was sold immediately. I see its been posted for download before at the Devildick blog. No matter, I'm here to spread the wealth with my own 320 rip of the newly reissued 7-inch. Best played loud.

Mediafire Download Link: The Fuckin' Flyin' A-Heads: Swiss Cheese Back/ Watching T.V. (Otaro 1980)


Anonymous said...

I do my best to limit download links to out-of-print, hard-to-find and vinyl or cassette-only releases.

really ?! you didn't do a very good job here, as this release has been available for less than a week, and is still cheaply obtained directly from the label as well as numerous retail stores and distros.

nicholab said...

in a vinyl-only format as far as i could tell. if a digital/cd release is imminent or you speak for the label/ the band then i will gladly take it down. for reals...

nicholab said...

Anonymous: You've just prompted a rephrase 'I do my best to limit download links to out-of-print, hard-to-find and/or vinyl & cassette-only "new" releases.'