Friday, May 21, 2010

Barış Manço- 2023 (1975)

Another tight Turkish psych-prog jam from Mr. Barış Manço. 2023 is a futuristic concept LP originally released in 1975. (Open invite to any Turkish speakers- I'd like to know what exactly this album's concept is) Just ripped and uploaded from a new vinyl reissue. 320kbps. Guaranteed highest quality you'll find on the (free) market. Enjoy!


Download Link: Barış Manço- 2023 (1975)

A 1 Acih'da Bağa Vır! 3:37
A 2 Kayalarin Oğlu 2;56
A 3 2023 6:37
A 4 Yol Verin Ağalar Beyler 3:52
A 5 Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım 5:00
B 1 Yine Yol Göründü Gurbete 3:12
B 2 Baykoca Destanı 13:00 (approx)
B 2.1 Gülme Ha , Gülme
B 2.2 Gelinlik Kızların Dansı
B 2.3 Kara Haber - Turnanın Ölümü
B 2.4 Vur Ha , Vur
B 2.5 Durma Ha , Durma
B 3 Tavuklara Kissst De 2:15
B 4 Kol Bastı 7:11


owlqaeda said...

ghost. can't thank you enough for this one. only ever had a really shitty dub of shit. very stoked this evening. gracias homebre

the saucer people said...

Just taken off my astronauts helmet after enjoying some serious somersaulting zero-gravity seventies space-jammin' action ;)

Never ever come across this cosmic monster before and I cannot help but feel this has been whats missing in my life up until now; a heavy Turkish space-prog concept album. Finally, that gaping hole in my soul has closed and I have Mr. Barış Manço and GhostCapital to thank for that!

PS> I do hope one of your many Turkish readers will come forward and at least explain the song titles, if nothing else! This is one of those mysteries that is going to keep me awake at night.

nicholab said...

hey, thanks! glad to know that i'm doing the lord's work....

Anonymous said...

Posted From a Flying Saucer Over Turkey
Explaination of the inexplicables
A1-Gimme a Little
A2-Son of the Rock
A4-Sirs, Please Let Me Go
A5-On a Long & Slender Road
B1-Time to Departure to Outwhere
B2-Epic of OlderMaster
B2.1-Dont Laugh, dont
B2.2-Dance of Brides
B2.3-Black News-Death of the Crane
B2.4-Hit, hit
B2.5- Dont Stop, Dont Stop
B3- Say "Kissst" to chickens
B4-(Dance From Pontus Euxinus)

angus said...

okay i just discovered this album and i'm love with it. but one thing has been bothering me, about the song Yine Yol Gorundu Gurbete (which google translated as "However, the road seemed Gurbet" and anonymous translates as "On a Long & Slender Road". i'll leave it to you which one is a truer translation). it sounds so familiar but i have no idea why i would know it. part of me thinks it sounds like a old shadows song i can't find anymore another part says no its badfinger but then yet another says no it just sounds like "its all over now baby blue". but i don't think any of these are right and still don't why i know it. was it featured in a movie i might have seen or perhaps have some airplay in america?

Anonymous said...

@ Angus

Anonymous said...

@angus, I remember from the cassette version of this album (maybe 15-20 years ago); the music of that song was another song, I mean, B. Manço only wrote the Turkish words for that music.

"gurbet" means, something like: "foreign land for a person" (another city, another country, etc. other than you born, lived)

thanks uploader, I'm very pleased to find this download.

Ozzy said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this precious gift from outter space!

olguoz said...

He was a great man, in arts, in music, in human relations.. He was a man beyond his time of living. In my generation so many people raised with him, watching his TV shows and listening to his music..He catched everyone's fancy. Had a show with children called "Adam Olacak Çocuk" (Kids Gonna Be Men) as he was discussing daily issues with kids, wondering their opinions, caring about them as if they were adults.. As his name "Barış" is meaning "Peace", he visited many countries and tried to spread the motto of Ataturk (our founding leader) "Peace at Home, Peace in the World", meanwhile made us visit the world via TV (as we are now talking about 80s) Crazy, and now I found out on a foreign blog consists an album of him which I never catched up before.. Thanks, really much!