Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Duo Ouro Negro- Selections

Duo Ouro Negro were an amazing longstanding Angolan harmony group. They are criminally unknown outside the Portuguese speaking world. I've just crafted myself a personal favorites compilation, culled from the highlights of two other official hits collections; 40 Años, 40 Exitos & O Melhor do Duo Ouro Negro. My goals were to remove the weaker late 70s/80s tracks, and to generally not include tracks from Duo Ouro Negro com Sivuca, which is a stand-alone masterpiece*. FYI, I'm always looking to download of their original albums, especially those prior to the mid 70s. Please hit me up if you have a lead. These guys are seriously the best!

Duo Ouro Negro- Selections

Mediafire Download Link: Duo Ouro Negro- Selections

1. Twizengue 2:00 * This track is from com Sivuca
2. Kuemba Ritoko 2:02
3. Dio Come Ti Amo 3:31
4. A Minha Mulata 2:59
5. Maria Rita 4:25
6. Garota 2:30
7. Mãe Preta 2:13
8. N'Guina Kalabula 1:53
9. É Verão 2:46
10. La Mamma 3:39
11. Agora Vou Ser Feliz 2:14
12. Suliram 2:40
13. Maria Provocação 2:25
14. Distância 3:54
15. Amanhã 4:33
16. Georgina 2:39
17. Menino de Braçanã 2:28
18. Vou Indo Por Aí 4:42
19. Trem das Onze 2:54
20. Salomé 2:54
21. Maihetso 2:22
22. Ondyaiya 3:58
23. Vou Levar-te Comigo 4:07


owlqaeda said...

ghost the one you need is africanissismo. coming soon to treehaus near you

nicholab said...

pretty sure that com sivuca is africannissimo with some extra tracks. ...unless my copy of africannissimo is wrong or something. i'll be looking out to see.

Jwil said...

Hi Ghostcapital,

If you haven't found it yet you can get Photograph Burns by V-3 here http://foreverlowman.blogspot.com/2010/02/post-7-v-3-photograph-burns.html#comments

(Not my blog but it rules)

nicholab said...

thanks for the tip, jwil. i'm on it...

Feq'wah said...

I thought i knew my fair share of Portuguese and Brazilian music, but never heard of Dou Ouro Negro before.


Muito Obrigado!

Holly said...

So very beautiful, I love con sivuca also.
Many, many thanks.

Pedro Homero said...

minor quibbles: you wrote Dou instead of Duo on the title of the post.

Apart from that, great post, thanks for sharing this!

nicholab said...

so i did. fixed.

HMPZ said...

Those boys really swing - thank you !

O Toke É Esse said...

Agora Vou Ser Feliz - Duo Ouro Negro | Beatles Cover | Luanda - Angola - 1964
A única versão angolana que conheço para uma música dos britânicos Beatles. Se me puderem desmentir, agradeço, eheheh...