Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Japanese Mystery Record- Hibari No Hanaemaki (Columbia AL-104, 1957-8) ひばりは

Another of my Thrift Store treasures. This is a Japanese theater performance of Hibari No Hanaemaki issued on 10" record by Nippon Columbia in 1958(?). Ripped at 320 by yours truly. Golden!

Hibari No Hanaemaki #9 (Japanese Mystery Record) by nicholab

Download Link: Japanese Mystery Record- Hibari No Hanaemaki (Columbia AL-104, 1957-8)


owlqaeda said...

this is a wonderful thing to share. thank you

Anonymous said...

awesome! thanks a lot for your blog!

brun-o said...

hello! I came across your blog and was very pleased to see such musical diversity. along with mutant sounds, big in japan and lucky, your blog is one of the most interesting I've had chance to check out.

flattering aside, I'm writing to give the actual name of this record. I'm a bit obsessed with tags -- as a lastfm user --, and after some research, found out that the artist is, in fact, hibari misora (美空ひばり), a famous enka singer. I've also managed to locate a link in amazon japan, in case someone else wants to tag the songs correctly.

thanks for sharing good music!

nicholab said...

@brun-o, thanks so much for the help with this album. i've just relabelled everything in itunes and will re-up this album as such in the next couple of days. btw, you should definitely check out the holywarbles blog. that spot is dynamite. paz, nb

Anonymous said...

Any chance of this being re-upped please ?