Monday, May 10, 2010

V/A- Mata La Pena (Mississippi Records)

Another eccentric collection of antique world music from Mississippi Records. I haven't discerned any sort of underlying theme beyond that. Anyone else have an idea?

"Arizona Yodeller"

"A Mi Me Mata La Pena"

Mediafire Download Link: V/A- Mata La Pena (Mississippi Records)

A1 Unknown* - Pamahei
A2 Canajas - Danza Mora
A3 Tiger (2), The - Down The Road
A4 Roberto Y Su Orquesta Tipica - El Amanecer
A5 George Ku Trio - Kuu Lei
A6 Dezurik Sisters, The - The Arizona Yodeller
B1 Nelly Luis - Carrito Pasajerito
B2 Unknown* - Jagaang Tigang
B3 Ernest Rodgers - Willie The Chimney Sweeper
B4 Hawaiian Orchestre* - White Birds
B5 Manuel Vallejo - A Mi Mata La Pena
B6 Blind Mamie Forehand - Honey In The Rock
B7 Hiran Ny Tanoran Ny Ntao - Oay Lahy E


OWLQAEDA said...

nopers, i think u pretty much nailed the theme ghost; rando pirate mix of not entirely obskure lp's repackaged to an ignorant generation of post-indie roque kids & uhuh ;D yea anyhu... a decent platter nonetheless. i like erich meself. wanted to make sure u seen this since i got katonah to re-up the thang

Crazy Monkey said...

The underlying concept could be relationed with the (literal) translation from spanish: Mata la Pena = Kill the Sadness. Interesting, don't you think?