Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rico Rodriguez- Man From Wareika / Warrika Dub-Ghetto Rockers (1977)

Great upbeat instrumental roots from trombonist Rico Rodriguez, also known for his memorable solos on The Specials' hits, "A Message To You Rudy" & "Ghost Town". Here's the original Man from Wareika album and the even rarer dub version. This stuff is going to sound nice in the summertime.

Mediafire Download Link: Rico Rodriguez- Man From Wareika / Warrika Dub- Ghetto Rockers (1977)

Listen to samples from Warrika Dub:

Read full review of Ghetto Rockers - RICO on ©


Owl Qaeda said...

looking forward to this. hear are a couple links for the full version of Fihavanana 3xLPseperated so u can put em on mixes for folks w/o too much hassle, courtesy diplodocus. i don't think there would be any harm in reposting these either, or editing your olde post or wutevs. i'm living piratically in backwoods of sonoma county at the moment, incidently but hail from all over really. gypsyfied yknow?

nicholab said...

Thanks again for the tip. I'll try to fix er up when I get the chance. Hey what happened to so many of your posts today- Theyre not there any more? Please tell me your going to stick around- Your blog is about to totally blow up!