Thursday, May 20, 2010

V/A- Dancing With The Dead: The Music Of Global Death Rites

Some great stuff here. I am sort of obsessed with track 8, "El LLorar."
El Llorar (Los Camperos De Valles) by nicholab

Mediafire Download Link: V/A-Dancing With The Dead: The Music Of Global Death Rites

1. Funeral Eulogy for Elder Marguerite McClain - Pastor Ediemae Layne
2. Sing On - Eureka Brass Band
3. Lanhua Mei - Tianjin Buddhist Music Ensemble
4. Rone Umaraa De - Asif Ali Khan, Manzoor Hussain Santoo Khan, Ensemble
5. Luz Redentora - Los Nani
6. Nasioi Music Performed at a Funeral
7. Eyl Male Rakhamim (God Full of Compassion) - Janet Leuchter
8. Llorar - Los Camperos de Valles
9. Kalo Kalo - Antanosy Mahafaly Peoples of Madagascar
10. Nang Hong Suite - Fong Naam
11. Zari-Ritual Lamentation - Lileh Choir Of Dmanisi
12. Vaishnava Jan Tou Tene Khaiye - Sanjukta Sen
13. Fontomfrom Drums - Koo Nimo
14. Amura Sebina-Dabuia Koke-Coraja Ajare - Gabriel Souza Carvaljio
15. Bird Song - Keith Mahone


Pedro Homero said...

The Los Camperos track is fascinating, yes. Let me try and get this, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Just arrived fiew days ago on this's a splendid version by the Kronos Quartet from their beautiful album "Nuevo"