Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Richard Bishop on Youtube

Richard Bishop has curated an excellent Youtube channel as The Freak of Araby. His playlists are loaded with obscure vintage travel films and ethnographies, and tons of classic Asian and North African music, in performance.


captain caveman said...

Is it or is that Omar Khorshid in the first video?

I think the violinist's name is Aboud Abdel Al.

Didn't know about this though, a great inspiration for more sources. Great post again!

Owl Qaeda said...

fuggin encroyable tip mate. the fiddler is indeed aboud abdel al cap'n.

nicholab said...

owl, you've been killing it at your new site. very nice work, fella.

Owl Qaeda said...

hay mang, i got prog not frog to re-up that black foot steps joint in case ya still care.