Tuesday, May 25, 2010

James Ensor

James Ensor was a 19th & 20th Century Belgian maniac painter. He's up there with Darger & Arbus as one my favorite "modern" artists. Basically, I dig the freaks.

Self-Portrait With Flowered Hat (1883-8)

Les Musiciens Terribles (1891)

The Dangerous Cooks (1896)

Skeletons Trying To Warm Themselves (1889)

The Baths At Ostend (1890)

Masks Mocking Death (1888)

My Aunt Asleep Dreaming of Monsters (1888)

Christ's Entry Into Brussels (1889)

Doctrinaire Nourishment (1889)

1 comment:

PinkJazzCat said...

Ah! A painter from my hometown, Oostende.
Sure, heard of him before :)
He also made music by the way. Classical.
I'll see if i can find any of his compositions, and post it on my blog. Not a promise, but it might be an interesting idea...