Sunday, May 16, 2010

V/A- Been Here All My Days: Selections From the George Mitchell Archive (Mississippi Records, MSR-064)

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, GEORGE MITCHELL recorded extensively in the South. Mitchell concentrated mainly on local blues traditions recording some famous bluesmen and many otherwise ignored artists. The George Mitchell Collection was originally released as a series of forty-five EPs on Fat Possum, this LP contains Mississipi’s favorite fourteen tracks. This LP represents songs from many well known blues musicians such as FRED MCDOWELL, FURRY LEWIS and JOE CALICOTT, as well as some from criminally under represented artists like JESSIE MAE HEMPHILL, ROSA LEE HILL and JOHN LEE ZIEGLER. Comes with a short booklet of photos, discographical notes and recollections.

Precious Bryant plays "Georgia Buck"

Rosa Lee Hill- "Bullying Well"

Mediafire Download Link: V/A- Been Here All My Days: Selections From the George Mitchell Archive (Mississippi Records, MSR-064)

1. Who's Gonna Be Your Man / John Lee Ziegler 4:47
2. Bullying Well / Rosa Lee Hill 4:47
3. Shake 'Em On Down / Fred McDowell 3:03
4. What Makes Grandma Love Grandpa / Jimmy Lee Williams 4:15
5. Old Country Rock #1 / James Davis 3:56
6. Big Road Blues / Houston Stackhouse 2:39
7. Search Me Lord / James Shorter 2:44
8. Home Going / Jessie Mae Hemphill 2:34
9. Georgia Buck / Precious Bryant 2:34
10. Country Blues / Joe Callicott 3:37
11. Rabbit On A Log / Lonzie Thomas 2:33
12. Trouble Brought Me Down / Greeb Paschal 1:47
13. Good Morning Judge / Furry Lewis 5:50
14. Hold My Body Down / Robert Johnson 2:51


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