Thursday, May 13, 2010

V/A- Excavated Shellac: Strings- Guitar, Oud, Tar, Violin and More From the 78rpm Era (Parlortone/ Dust-to-Digital)

I had the opportunity to pick up some nice new releases over at Mississippi Records this afternoon. Among them was the extremely promising Excavated Shellac: Strings LP curated by Jonathan Ward of the Excavated Shellac Blog, and released with the help of the good folks over at Parlortone/ Dust-to-Digital. Yours truly is looking forward to putting this one on as soon as I get home from ye olde jobbe. Check it:

side 1
1. Sogoman Seranyan – Eraz (Armenia)
2.Sundaram Balachander – Dayapayonidhe, Pt. 2 (India)
3.Alberto Ruiz y su Lira Incaica – Paceñita (Bolivia)
4.Nzila Joseph et son ensemble – Moleke Mbwa (Congo)
5.Tấn and Đồng - Nam Bình (Vietnam)
6.Tatyana Makharadze & G. Bugadze – Lale (Georgia)
7.Abol-hasan Sabā – Chaopan (Iran)

Side 2
1. Trio Tipico Paraguayo de Félix Pérez Cardoso – Pajaro Campana (Paraguay)
2. Brača Kapugi Tamburica Orchestar i Pjevački Zbor – Tko Se Bregom Seče (Croatia)
3. Kjetil Flatin – Jornvrongia-Springar (Norway)
4. Yamaura Toyoko – Ko-uta, Ryukyu Bushi (Japan)
5. Chahadé Effendi Saadé – Taqsim Rast (Lebanon)
6. Galabuzi and Party – Okubulirwa Lupiza Otambula Osopza (Uganda)
7. Kemanî Amâ Recep – Çifte kiriş ile Rast Taksim (Turkey)

*FYI, ya'll can expect to see the following new Mississippi Records LPs ripped and posted right here at the GC in the coming day(s):
Abner Jay- Folk Song Stylist

V/A- Been Here All My Days- Selections from the George Mitchell Archive>

So, be on the lookout...

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