Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Residents- Diskomo / Goosebump [with Snakefinger] (1979)

Side A: Diskomo- 12" 'Disco Remix' of the Residents' LP Eskimo

Side B: Goosebump (with Snakefinger)
"All sounds heard on Goosebump were originated on toy instruments which were provided by Toys-R-Us, Inc."


Download Link: The Residents- Diskomo / Goosebump [with Snakefinger] (1979) @320

1. Diskomo (Theme From The Walrus Hunt, Bladder Music, Crossing The Tundra, Spirit Battle, Sunrise / Reprise Theme) 8:00
2. Disaster 3:48
3. Plants 3:14
4. Farmers 5:27
5. Twinkle 1:58

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the saucer people said...

I had given up ever finding the full Diskomo release! Thank you so much for sharing such a rarity, its really appreciated.

This and Kaw-Liga shows The Residents can focus that giant eyeball on the revolving glitterball whenever the mood takes them and judging by there track release; Diskomo in 79/80, Kaw-Liga in 89 and Diskomo 2000 in (unsuprisingly) 2000, I think we are about due for another attack on the dancefloor!

Like the Reich inspired 'Cloudbuster' mix!
For me the most fascinating thing about the Cloudbuster is Reich's duel use as both a tool of weather modification and as a 'spacegun' to attack those negative saucer occupants in their 'Enigma Alpha' or 'Ea' ships.

There is a facinating video lecture by a friend of mine Peter Robbins from America which goes into detail on Reich and his UFO exxperiences, if you have not seen it, it is well worth a watch:

Thanks again for Diskomo!